Provincial Superior's Message

In life there is always special persons who shape and help us to determine the person we become. There is a place that forms and moulds us. Those persons are our Parents and the place is our home, sweet home. But as we grow we become uncontainable in that home and we feel our parents are too much with us.

Thanks to those who envisaged a home away from home and persons who can really re place the parents for few hours of the day. That’s our Alma Mater and our dedicated teachers. I know for sure that the loveliest teachers are set apart for Carmel Convent School, Nahan, and the campus is lovelier than your home. Enjoy every bit of everything around you – the air, the plants, the music, the laughter, the celebrations…….the administration, the faculty, the comrades. We live in a world where there are no limits for those who can create mystery into history.

May I wish the blooming buds and flying birds all the best to reach their destiny…

May I wish the administration and teaching faculty the best reward for their enthusiasm and effort , for all the lovely children the blessings of God in abundance, to our well wishers “ Good will to all, ill will to none”.

May God Bless us !

Yours affectionately,

Sr. Mariella C.T.C ( M.A. B. Ed, Ph. D in Psycho therapy & Counselling)

Provincial Superior

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